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/OWNER/ Tiffany Harris

Make It Happen Bail Bonds (MIH Bail Bonds)  is a minority woman owned bail bonding company started in 2008 by the late mother of Tiffany Harris. MIH Bail Bonds has two locations in the Jacksonville metro area and a strong presence in the community.  

MIH Bail Bonds, core problems include operational inefficiencies due to its outdated CRM and staffing shortage due to the pandemic.  The resulting issues halted revenue growth. Furthermore MIH Bail Bonds had 1.2 million in uncollected revenue from clients that haven't paid.

MIH Bail Bonds engaged with Ready Set Scale (RSS) to address these issues along with other long term revenue growth goals.

Due to the specialized nature of their industry. RSS pivoted to find an out-of-the box solution.


RSS initially intended to configure the Go High Level software for their business. After careful examination RSS determined that the highly specialized nature of the Bail Bonds industry put the GHL build outside the scope of RSS's capabilities.


*Researched and vetted an out-of-box, industry-specific CRM that aligned with the MIH's needs.

*Acted as liason for data migration and onboarding to new software.

*Streamlined additional operations by implementing Google Workspace email and collaborative tools (G Calendar & Drive).




MIH has fully implemented and onboarded to new CRM.

Decreased operational lag by eliminating company communication and collaboration silo’s.

Currently implementing automated collections system using GHL and implementing additional engagement requisites per 3G roadmap.


RSS started by reviewing PC's operational processes from start to finish. Once mapped, RSS used the Clickup platform to match and configure the app to be single unified system that managed, investor contacts, deal flow, projects, internal communications and collaboration.


*Fully mapped internal processes.

*Identified Clickup as the best matched platform.

.*Configured Clickup platform to meet process map. 




*New system increased deal flow by twenty five percent (25%).

*Decreased operational lag by eliminating company communication and collaboration silo’s.




/OWNER/ Ross Dixon

Providential Capital, INC (PC Inc.) is a minority owned private equity investment fund led by Ross Dixon. PC Inc. specializes in diversity and anti-bias companies,  with a portfolio of investments that range from fin-tech to real estate, insurance and  construction industries.

PC Inc core problems included; disjointed intra-company communication, no centralized investor database. Stagnant deal flow due to lack of unified and systemized process and process management platforms.

PC Inc engaged with Ready Set Scale (RSS) to configure a system to meet it’s core and foreseable operational needs. 

RSS has been hired to configure GHL as a custom for an internal AI investor prospecting system that compliments their internal.





/OWNER/ Baba Shola

Yeye’s Botanica Inc (YYB) is a brick and mortar Spiritual Supply store majority co-owned by Brian “Baba Shola”  Small.  YYB has an extremely loyal customer base rooted in the rising popularity of  metaphysical, alternative spiritual practice and the local  health and wellness community.  

In 2021 YYB set its hand to purchase the commercial building housing its Decatur location. YYB hired with a capital raising consultant to help raise funds for the equity injection amount for the acquisition. YYB made the decision to seek alternative solutions to assist the Consultants efforts.

Yeye’s Botanica hired RSS to source potential non accredited investors from its existing business customer pool.

RSS has been retained to grow YYB’s revenue through SEO, local presence and social media management.


After careful review, RSS identified that YYB could leverage YYB’s existing customers as a their non-accredited investor pool. RSS leveraged YYB's existing;

customer lists, social media and website traffic to funnel existing customers into the YYB's capital raise pitch.


*Directed company web designer to add investment page.

*Wrote targeted website copy to compel subscribers.

*Integrated w/ mail chimp form.

*Created automated zoom registration and pitch sequence.

*Tailored pitch to non-accredited Automated recurring webinar email and text messages.



*Generated over one hundred non-accredited investors to invest in the acquisition.

*Met equity injection requirement to close on property.


RSS reviewed and leverage LTS's existing branding, social media and client avatar to generate leads. RSS improved LTS's funnel by using intent-based strategies to pre-qualify clients.


*Created custom ad creative and copy throughout the entire season.

*Leveraged existing client list and social activity to create hyper and geo-targeted audiences.

*Built-out automated chat feature to pre-qualify clients. 

*Integrated LTS' Calendly account to drive potential clients to book a call.




*Generated three hundred and sixteen leads (316) within a three month time frame.

*The leads generated effectively created a pipeline value of one hundred and fifty eight thousand dollars ($158,00).





/OWNER/ Shauntee Billups

Luxury Tax Services ("LTS") is a professional Tax Preparation company owned by Shauntee Billups. Luxury Tax Services has been providing tax preparation as an IRS ERO for over ten years. LTS has served thousands of personal and business tax clients and is currently expanding the business by creating licensing out the LTS business model to qualified individuals looking to become tax professionals.

LTS looked to increase its seasonal lead flow and grow its client base for itself and licensees through paid traffic. LTS identified the FB Ad platform as the ideal traffic/lead source.

LTS retained Ready Set Scale (RSS) to generate inbound tax clients and "sure-up" its funnel to increase its revenue.

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